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History of Internet

From its earliest beginnings on pages of paper and in brilliant minds, the Internet has always been an emerging technology and an emerging ideal. What follows is a selective and developing chronology of some of the most important events in the cultural and technological development of cyberspace and the internet. Primarily intended for interested readers without a technological background, this selective chronology seeks to present a brief narrative chronology of the technological innovation of the internet and its predecessors as well as accompanying consumer and cultural developments. Due to the ongoing nature of the internet and society, this chronology is a work in progress. 1960s-1970s: ARPANET: Commonly thought of as the predecessor to the Internet and created by the US Department of Defenses Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The first known fully operational packet-switching network, the ARPANET was designed to facilitate communication between ARPA computer terminals du…
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What is Internet

Nowadays to imagine the world without the internet is impossible but this was not the case almost 5 decades back.If you are like me you must be spending 18 hours a day on the internet.We use the internet in so many ways like browsing, watching a youtube video, sending email, downloading different file shared by users, but the question is What is internet?
If you know the answer you are probably among the 5% of the people. for the ordinary common people, it is not necessary to know the technology if he is using that. people use so many things in life that he does not know who invented and what’s the technology involved in it. for example ballpoint pen bathroom flush etc. if you are still interested this article will give you a glimpse of what the internet is?. Internet: To keep it simple internet is the physical infrastructure that connects two or more different computer. It may be connected through fiber optics, wireless network or satellite network.Today the Internet is a public, coop…